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Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is an intensely flavoured wine brimming with traditional Cabernet aromas. Matured in oak for 18 months, the robust wine has the perfect tannic structure for further ageing.


COLOUR: Deep ruby red.

BOUQUET: Prune, blackcurrant and cherry aromas come to the fore, and are complemented by subtler oak spice and cigar notes.

TASTE: Lots of berries (such as blackcurrant and cherry) flavours, with undertones of dark chocolate.

FOOD PAIRING: Grilled steak dishes, roast beef and strong cheeses.


Our Shiraz is a generous, full-bodied wine with a smokey bouquet, excellent fruit concentration and good ageing potential.


COLOUR: Deep red with a garnet rim.

BOUQUET: An abundance of plums with faint black pepper, a hint of bacon and cigar box aromas in the background.

TASTE: A rich and full-bodied wine with a good tannic structure and ample ripe fruit flavours.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent enjoyed on its own or served with poultry, veal and other red meat dishes.


Tinta Barocca is traditionally a Portuguese varietal. The Allesverloren Tinta Barocca spent 18 months in oak, giving warmth and body to its inherent fruity character.


COLOUR: Deep ruby red.

BOUQUET: A combination of red berry fruit with a hint of chocolate, vanilla and oak spice aromas.

TASTE: An elegant medium- to full-bodied wine with intense berry fruit and subtle oak spice aromas. Tannins are well structured and linger on the finish.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent served with game and grilled or roasted red meat.


Touriga Nacional is traditionally a Portuguese varietal. The Allesverloren Touriga Nacional was aged in second- and third-fill barrels for eight months. The wine offers rich aromas of raisin and blackcurrant on the nose, with hints of vanilla and oak spice on the palate.


COLOUR: Dark and deep ruby red.

BOUQUET: Aromas of ripe blackberries and red cherries. Subtle nuances of dark chocolate, with cedar oak in the background.

TASTE: A full-bodied, smooth and velvety wine with a firm tannic structure, blackcurrant and tobacco flavours, a spicy undertone and a long-lasting aftertaste.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent enjoyed on its own or with roasted meat dishes such as duck, lamb and beef.


The first blend in the Allesverloren range of cultivars traditionally grown in Portugal. This elegant red blend comprises Souzão, Tinta Barocca and Touriga Nacional. Deep red in colour, it displays red berry fruit and dark chocolate aromas with a hint of spice. It is smooth on the palate, with an optimal concentration of sweet red fruit.


COLOUR: Deep red.

BOUQUET: Red berry fruit, dark chocolate and a hint of spice.

TASTE: Smooth and elegant, with a good concentration of sweet red fruit.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent enjoyed on its own or with slightly spicy Thai and Indian dishes.


The Chenin Blanc is the first Allesverloren white wine. Our Chenin Blanc is a medium bodied wine that shows nice ripe stone fruit, with a great balance of acidity.


COLOUR: The wine is brilliantly clear with a green tinge.

BOUQUET: Subtle nuances of lead pencil, yellow apple and lime.

TASTE: On the palate this medium bodied wine shows nice ripe stone fruit with a great balance of acidity. It has a very elegant finish.

FOOD PAIRING: This wine pairs well with seafood, chicken or summer salads.


A refreshing, pink well-balanced wine with an alluring nose of strawberries and raspberries. Its fresh taste of raspberries and cherries with a hint of vanilla exhibits a perfect sugar/acid balance, as well as a lingering aftertaste.



BOUQUET: An alluring nose of strawberries and raspberries.

TASTE: Fresh raspberries and cherries on the palate with a hint of vanilla. Exhibiting a perfect sugar/acid balance, it has a delicious lingering aftertaste.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent enjoyed on its own or with fresh salmon, trout or Asian cuisine.


The Malan family has over four decades of experience in making acclaimed fortified wines. This, their first Muscadel, captures the flavours – and feelings – of a hot summer’s day. It is an elegant sweet wine with excellent balance and a lovely freshness.


COLOUR: Rich pomegranate.

BOUQUET: Fresh grape and a hint of cinnamon.

TASTE: Its well-integrated balance of acidity and pH makes for a complex mouthfeel. A beautiful lingering aftertaste defines this exceptional wine.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent enjoyed on its own or with a baked quince with almond biscotti and mascarpone cheese dessert.


Considered a jewel of the Swartland, the Allesverloren Fine Old Vintage/Port is crafted from Tinta Barocca, Souzão, Pontac and a blend of Malvasia Rey, Tinta Röritz, Tinta Francisca and Touriga Nacional.


COLOUR: Deep ruby red.

BOUQUET: Complex aromas of ripe dark fruit and glazed cherries with a hint of smokiness and honey.

TASTE: A full, rich wine with a combination of red and black berry as well as spice flavours and a lingering finish of roasted hazelnuts and almonds.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent enjoyed on its own or served with cheeses and desserts.

1704 Red

COLOUR: Garnet red

BOUQUET: Fresh red berries with sweet strawberry aromas and fynbos notes, enhanced by subtle oak spice.

TASTE: A soft and elegantly-structured wine with fresh flavours of red berries and cherries, backed by spicy cedar oak. The flavours combine to produce a wine with a complex flavours yet has remarkably drinkability.

FOOD PAIRING: The winemaker recommends serving it with poultry, veal and red meat dishes or savouring it on its own.