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Meet Our Team
Danie Malan

Son of Danie and Juanita, Fanie stepped into big shoes when he came to the farm as viticulturist in 2019. Allesverloren has a long history of excellence, which was founded first and foremost in the quality of the soils and vineyards.

There could be little doubt that Fanie would be a natural appointment. After all, having grown up on Allesverloren, few others know the landscape better than he does. After school, he fortified his learning and experience at the hand of his father, with a degree in agriculture and winemaking from CPUT Wellington.

Today, under Fanie, the farm’s drive to match varieties to their rightful terroir has proceeded with a passionate focus on cultivating grapes in rhythm with nature.

These decisions have continued to speak loudly in the consistency of excellence that may be enjoyed in every bottle of wine bearing the Allesverloren name.

That Fanie’s personality is as jovial and optimistic as that of his parents, puts this Swartland landmark on an even better trajectory for the future.

Daniëlle Malan

The legacy of Allesverloren runs in Daniëlle’s veins. As the latest Malan generation of several that have directed the farm, she was the ideal choice to be marketing manager.

Daniëlle was raised on Allesverloren, the youngest of three children. She studied marketing and was appointed manager of online wine sales in 2020. As with many wine farms, the Covid pandemic dramatically shifted sales online and Danielle found herself in the deep end.

Despite the uncharted territory and steep learning curve, she excelled.

The ensuing years launched Allesverloren into a new phase with demanding responsibilities and Daniëlle once again rose to the occasion. Key to her success has been a warm, generous and energetic demeanour that has become a Malan trademark.

Today, she keeps a firm hand on the tiller embracing her task as custodian of the stories of Allesverloren.


In 2010 Danie made history as the first South African cellar master to receive the prestigious Golden Glass award at Sweden’s long-running annual International Producer of the Year competition (judged by a panel of the country’s top wine writers). In the same year, the Allesverloren Touriga Naçional scooped Gold at the Veritas Awards.

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